Has Your Computer Crashed ?


Dont let Computer Frustrate You

Computer Crashed?

Losing your files is a stressful and overwhelming experience when months or years of work, finances, digital photographs or more can seemingly disappear in an instant, and you have experienced a computer crash, a failure to boot, multiple freeze ups, computer lock up’s, an unmountable boot volume, or extremely slow computer behavior.

At Basic Computers in Baltimore, we can help recover lost data. We are a full service Advanced Data Recovery, Computer Repair, RAID Arrays, Electronic Discovery and Computer File Restoration and Virus Removal service provider. Unlike other computer repair companies, we provide exclusive and patented solutions that do not require you to send your media out of state.  

In situations where the hardware is functioning normally, our file restoration solutions can solve your data loss needs safely and effectively in a matter of hours. For situations in which the hardware is physically failing, engineers in our Class 100 clean-rooms will retrieve your critical files.

Call us at 410-298-6498 for a Free Consultation!

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